Career Path High
Ms. Barton


Ms. Barton

Math III and Math of Personal Finance

My name is Ms. Alydia Barton and I am a newly hired math teacher this year for Career Path High School.  I am your student's Success Coach which will be listed as their Personalized Learning Path class on their schedule or in Aspire. I am really excited to work with you students.  It was a blast getting to know them this week. 

I have previously taught math in Box Elder, Ogden, Alpine and Nebo school districts as well as for Weber State University for 9 years.  I was a collegiate track and field athlete, USA Olympic Marathon Qualifier and successful high school & collegiate track and field coach.  I somehow figured out how to get my student athletes to be willing to work really hard at getting into running shape.  Hopefully I can do the  same with your students brains because it is a muscle as well that needs daily worked outs too work more efficiently and effectively.  

I believe anyone can learn math or any subject at any time in their lives if they are willing to put in the effort and daily hard work to learn the material.  I was a special ed student all through elementary school. I did not believe I was  capable of learning math until 11th grade when I had a really good math teacher.  I personally know what it means to struggle to learn difficult subjects.  We totally got this!!!

Please contact me with questions.  Good communication will be the key to success at Career Path HIgh.