Career Path High
Campus Schedule

Campus Schedule

Campus Schedule

Learning Center and Classrooms

Career Path High utilizes a learning center and two classrooms to personalize instruction and provide a dynamic learning environment. Students who are on campus participate in classroom and learning center rotations with their peers.

Our classrooms provide students with the ability to work collaboratively, participate in hands on activities, and focus on a given course with their peers. While in the Learning Center, students are able to work independently in a quiet place and receive one on one support from their instructors. 

Workshop Schedule

Career Path High students meet with their grade level peers once a month to participate in collaborative assignments, project based learning, and college and career preparation. These workshops are required, and our students meet on the following schedule:

  • 9th Grade - 1st Friday of the Month

  • 10th Grade - 2nd Friday of the Month

  • 11th Grade - 3rd Friday of the Month

  • 12th Grade - 4th Friday of the Month

Class Rotation Schedules

When students are on campus, they rotate with their grade level peers through live classes and flex time in the Learning Center. The schedules are listed below.

Teacher Schedules

Our teachers rotate through classrooms and the Learning Center. In order to help you most effectively manage your time on campus, please refer to the instructor schedules below.