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COVID19 Attendance

COVID19 Attendance

COVID19 Attendance

Students May Schedule Time on Campus

As we have moved to Moderate Risk as a state we are now allowed to have a limited number of students on campus for instruction.  Starting next Monday students may schedule time on campus to work with teachers between 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM Monday through Thursday.

While we are excited to see CPH students on campus there are some restrictions in place to keep everyone healthy and safe:

  • Enhanced cleaning is being done on campus daily and students will disinfect their space when they arrive and when they leave.  

  • Students must be scheduled to be on campus - any teacher can help you schedule your time.

  • Teachers will be on campus on a rotating basis so they are protected too.

  • Students must use the door off the P5 parking lot up the stairs to enter and exit.

  • Students must check in at the front office before proceeding down the hall.

  • Students must wear masks while they are on campus.

  • Students must stay in scheduled and designated areas while they are on campus.

  • Students may not come to campus if they are sick in any way.

Wow - that is a lot of “Musts!” Just remember as we work hard to help students learn and earn important credits for graduation by the end of the school year - student health and wellness is the most important thing. 

We will work together to make sure that students and staff are safe and productive while on campus.