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Computer Check-in

Computer Check-in

Computer Check-in

Check-in Protocol

You MUST be on time for your scheduled appointment and be ready to have your computer inspected. Please be prepared to make payment on damaged or lost items, if needed, at your appointment. Strict social distancing guidelines will be followed and if you are late for your appointment time you will be required to come back at a later date.

We are requiring the same steps as pre-COVID-19 but because of the virus we will insist that these steps be followed.

  • The computer MUST have the case removed and be cleaned inside and out with cleaner and/or wipes that will kill COVID-19.
  • The charging cord MUST be cleaned and neatly wrapped (as was when issued to your student).

You can clean the cord and outside of the computer with Lysol wipes. If you do not have lysol wipes any other cleaner that is shown to kill COVID-19 can be usedYou cannot use lysol wipes on the inside of the computer or screen. You can however spray a cloth with the same cleaner you used to clean the outside and THEN wipe the inside, keys and screen, with the cloth. We will not remove cases. We cannot accept a computer or charger that has not been cleaned. This is to protect our staff so we can continue to serve and assist your children in their educational needs.

  • You will not be allowed into the building without a mask. This is per the DTC and will be enforced.
  • Please only have the student and one parent/guardian attend the appointment.

Anyone without a mask, and more than the student and one parent/guardian will be required to wait in the car. There is no congregating outside the office, in the halls, or on the stairs at the top or bottom outside of the building. We must all do our part to keep everyone safe. We must insist that you make arrangements to ensure the above steps are followed. If you have issues completing any of the required steps/instructions please reach out to Catherine Kobayashi at BEFORE your appointment in order to discuss options and/or other arrangements.