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Welcome Back to School

We are so excited to welcome so many returning and new students and their families to Career Path High for our 2020-21 School Year! 

Click the button below for our Welcome Letter with all of the details you need to have a successful first week of school.

Office Resources

Please use the links below to complete any tasks that you may need to do in order to be ready for the first day of school

Course Schedule Request
Access and submit your class selection sheet

Pay your fees online or access our fee waiver

Back to School Appt.
Sign-up for your time to pick up your badge and laptop

Registration Documents
Submit your documents through our lottery system

Order School Photos
Scheduled for Aug 25: Grades 9-10 & Aug 26: Grades 11-12

Aspire Registration
You can complete this once you have been offered a seat.

Pathway Selection Form
Review our Learning Pathways and select yours!

Counseling Appointment
Schedule a meeting with Ms. Funn

COVID-19 Information
Review information and resources due to COVID-19.

Back to School Schedule

Career Path High is so excited to get back to school! We have developed an orientation schedule to help you have a safe and strong start to the school year. Please plan on participating in all of the Orientation Activities for your grade level. 

When you aren’t scheduled for an Orientation Activity you will have time to get started on your Online Curriculum from home.

Quick Facts about Orientation Week
  • School Lunch will be available each day Grab ‘n Go from 11:15 - 11:30.
  • Distance Only Students will attend through a live stream - Access it HERE. (Please mute your microphone prior to entering the assembly.)
  • Blended Path and 100% On Campus Path Students are required to attend On Campus Activities On Campus 
  • Lifetouch will be taking school pictures on August 25th & 26th during your Orientation Activity time. Please come ready to shine! 

Online Pathway Students

We invite our Online Pathway students to join their scheduled assembly on their orientation day by clicking the button below.

Prior to entering the virtual assembly, please mute your microphones.

Student Class Schedules

Our unique model and small school setting allow us more flexibility with student schedules. Our student's day is split between class time and flex time. During class time, students participate with their peers in instruction lead by their teachers. Flex time provides students independent study time and opportunities to schedule appointments with their instructors. Students will follow the same schedule whether or not they are at home or on campus. All that changes is how they engage with their teachers and classmates.

Instructional schedules and course links can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Schoolwide Learning Plan

We are so excited to offer three different pathways to support our students and their different learning styles and circumstances.

Learning Pathways

We use a digital curriculum called Odysseyware to deliver lessons to our students, but we don't just stop there! Our students have classes live classes that they participate in every day! We have Swivl cameras and microphones in our classrooms so that our online students can still watch their classes and participate from home. We also offer clubs and activities that bridge the divide from home and school. They also can participate in their flex/lab time from home!

Students can alternate from campus to home on an A/B schedule. (9th & 10th Grades A Days, 11th & 12th Grade B Days). When on campus, students spend half of their day with their peers in class. The other half of the day is spend in the Learning Center doing their Flex Time. This is when teachers are available for small groups and scheduled appointments for a more personalized learning experience. On their off campus days, they still can participate in their lessons with their teachers virtually

Students can work entirely on campus. Half of their day will be spent in class with their peers either in-person or virtually hosted. The second half of the day is spend in the Learning Center doing their Flex Time. This is when teachers are available for small groups and scheduled appointments for a more personalized learning experience. We are prioritizing on campus slots to those with equity and learning needs that are best served on campus.

COVID-19 Information

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and learning of our students. 
Click on the button below to learn more about our plans