School Policies & Forms

School Policies & Forms


Acceptable Use Policy

Code of Conduct for Online Learning & Safety

Computer Use Agreement

Safe Schools Policy Agreement

School Fees Appeal Form

School Fees Waiver Application

Dance – Guest Participation Form



Academic Requirements for Participation in DATC Programs Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptance of Homeschool Credits Policy

Administration of Medication Policy

Annual Acceptance of Policy

Annual Parental Rights Notification

Arrest Reporting Policy

Attendance Policy

Addendum – Attendance Policy Removal of School Issued Property

Attendance Policy Unexcused Absences

Bullying & Hazing Policy

Cash Handling Policy

Code of Conduct for Online Learning & Safety

Computer Use Agreement

Course Withdrawal Policy

Credit Evaluation Policy

Credit Recovery Fees & General Rules

Dance – Guest Participation Form

Dance – Participation Requirements

Data Governance Plan

DATC Student Code of Conduct Policy

Dual Enrollment Policy

FERPA Policy

Financial Reporting Policy

Grading Policy

Home School Student Participation in UPASS Policy

Human Sexuality Instruction Policy

Information Technology Systems Security Plan

Parent Grievance Policy

Parental Exclusion from State Assessments

Procurement Policy

Purchasing & Disbursement Policy

Notice to Parents Regarding Un-enrollment

Religion and Education Policy

School Fee Notice

Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual

Structured Support Plan

Student Conduct & Discipline Policy

Student Data Privacy & Security Policy

Student Data Disclosure Statement

Student Expectations for Campus Conduct and Dress Code

Student Handbook

Title I – Parent Compact

Title I – Parent Involvement Policy

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Click on the following link to access our Metadata Dictionary.  After you click on the link, select “Utah Career Path High School” from the drop down menu under the “Districts” tab on the left side of the webpage.  Please note that the School’s Metadata Dictionary is only partially completed and is in the process of being finalized.

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