Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Model

Career Path High is a Blended Learning Flex model. Our blended learning model removes restrictions that formerly have been defined by traditional education, empowering students with maximum flexibility over time, place, path and pace.


The Career Path High model is designed to customize learning for every student. We will use personalized and interactive curriculum and instruction with particular attention to helping all students achieve proficiency in core curriculum. Thus, we aim to construct a flexible and individualized learning environment that engages and motivates students from all backgrounds.

Our students will be immersed simultaneously in a high school completion track while experiencing a college environment. In a location structured to provide the maximum benefit to students, the high school will be housed within the walls of the campus of the (DATC) Davis Applied Technology College.

The power of our blended model comes from having our high school located inside an Institution of Higher Education. In addition to having the flexibility to work at home or remotely, students will attend this nurturing high school housed within a campus with state-of-the art facilities. Career Path High’s model and goals will complement those of the DATC, with “time as the variable and learning as the constant”. Our students will enroll in technical programs offered by the DATC, and that college experience will enhance their high school learning and make it more meaningful. All course work, whether hands-on or online, will help students progress toward completion, mastery, certification and placement. Students are expected to graduate from Career Path High with a high school diploma, a completed industry-based technical certificate, and may simultaneously earn college credits that matriculate to an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Our model aligns with the DATC’s criteria for accreditation, which is based on student placement in the workforce. This real-world assessment goes well beyond theoretical understanding of state standards required for high school graduation. Career Path High also addresses the incredible need to better prepare students to succeed in college. This will happen for several reasons:

  • Students will be located on the DATC campus and simultaneously immersed in a high school track while experiencing a college environment.
  • Students will be given the unique opportunity to access a 21st Century college model with “state-of-the-art facilities”, lab environments, and DATC’s schools of expertise, combined with a blend of mentored hands-on and independent online learning.
  • Student learning will be competency-based, allowing maximum flexibility to work on their own path and at their own pace to coincide with the career and educational pathways and the college experience of the Applied Technology College.
  • Students will be provided with an accelerated track to both career placement and college.

We believe that the right blend of digital curriculum, high school and DATC hands-on training and appropriate use of technology will give students a personalized pathway to a diploma and trade certification that leads to job placement in Utah’s modern work force with a higher wage and greater success in college. Career Path High is a Next Generation Learning model. We are reinventing secondary education for the high school student!

Our Learning Center

The flexibility afforded each student of time, place, path and pace is better served by a student-centric learning center facility rather than a typical large-scale school building with numerous separate classrooms. The learning center facility will be designed to provide study space, areas for face-to-face and small group instruction, space for group study and collaboration and a social area for students. Individual computer stations will also be included. Students will also have access to the entire DATC campus, and, since they will be participating in DATC programs, the school’s students will spend part of their time utilizing program space elsewhere on the DATC campus. The school’s learning model and the fact that the school’s students will participate in DATC programs significantly reduces the scope of the school’s facility needs as compared with a traditional school.

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